Grant Proposal Elements

All agencies must submit one (1) hard copy and one (1) electronic copy – pdfs, word documents, excel files – of the following information:

Summary Face Sheet:

  • Full contact information including agency name, contact person name and title, mailing address, phone number, email address and website address if available.
  • Type of grant requested and Project Summary
  • Project timeframe
  • Amount requested from the Foundation, how the funds will be applied and total project budget

A two to four page narrative that includes:

  • Agency mission and history
  • Description of services offered and how they are provided. How does the community learn about the agency and the project? How are clients identified and referred to the agency and the project? What are the project operating hours? Describe the agency’s physical space in relation to the project.
  • How many people are served annually by the agency and the project? What types of information are reported to agency supporters and how
  • Problem or need to be addressed by grant and how agency clients or constituents are affected.
  • What assets or skill sets does the agency possess which makes it best suited to address the stated problem or need? Are other agencies providing
    similar services to your constituency; is there any duplication of effort?
  • Specific strategies and activities the proposed project will implement to positively impact the problem. How will clients benefit? How will the project operate? What resources are needed to provide the proposed services? Are other community partners required to deliver effective services?
  • Define the proposed project results in measurable terms. How will “success” be defined? Describe how the project outcomes will be collected,
    analyzed and reported. (Note: The evaluation plan of the proposed project is an important element in determining potential Foundation support) How will the proposed project be sustained both financially and organizationally after the Foundation funding period is completed?

Agency Financials:

  • A project budget that includes a detailed revenue and expense plan, committed sources of support, in-kind contributions and other pending grant applications. The expense plan should be accompanied by a budget narrative that describes each line in the budget and how the cost was determined.
  • Current approved agency operating budget including both planned and year to date actual revenue and expenses. A statement of cash flow should be included.
  • Previous year operating budget including both planned and actual results.

Agencies applying for Capacity Building support should also include:

  • A statement outlining the specific need for capacity building support.
  • How will the proposed project enable your agency to deliver more effective programs?
  • Is this request board driven and if not, does staff have the full support of the board to pursue this request and implement anticipated
  • Does the agency have a current strategic plan that provides direction for the next three years?

Please do NOT send copies of the following information.  The foundation will access these documents from the GiveRichmond site:

  • Current list of Board of Directors
  • Copy of IRS determination letter.
  • Copy of the most recent IRS 990.
  • Copy of the annual audit or financial report if available.
  • As of the June 1st 2012 grant cycle, an active portrait on GiveRichmond will be required for consideration of your grant
    application. Please contact Phillip Giaramita at The Community Foundation 804-330-7400 for assistance in creating your agency portrait.

Proposal Deadline:

Annual Competitive Grants – 2nd Wednesday of June received by 5:00pm

Capacity Building Grants –  2nd Wednesday of June received by 5:00pm

Mail hard copy to Jill McCormick at our physical address as noted below or hand deliver to our office at the same address.  Email electronic copy to Jill McCormick at

Foundation Response:

Annual Competitive Grants – 2nd week October

Capacity Building Grants – 2nd week October

Grant Reporting Requirements

All grantees are required to submit progress reports within one year of receipt of funds. Viewed as a self-evaluation, each agency should specify in their own format how grant funds were used, whether Foundation funding leveraged other community support, anticipated and unexpected outcomes of the project and how the activities will be sustained in the future. At a minimum, reports should address the elements of the evaluation plan submitted in the proposal narrative. Specific grants may have additional reporting requirements. Grant reporting must be satisfactorily completed before additional grant requests will be considered by the Foundation.


Grants and Reports should be submitted to:

The Jackson Foundation
Attn: Executive Director
104 Shockoe Slip
Suite 2B
Richmond, VA 23219