Types of Grants

The foundation provides support to nonprofit agencies through one of two grant strategies: annual competitive grants or designated capacity building projects. Agencies may apply for only one type of grant in the same calendar year.

Annual Competitive Grants:
Annual competitive grants should reflect the funding priority interests of the foundation as outlined above. These grants may be for a time-limited project, program expansion or to test a pilot program. Requests for general operating support are highly discouraged. Generally, competitive grants will support projects for one year; a limited number of multi-year awards may be negotiated. Agencies receiving three consecutive competitive grants may Not apply for additional funding for one calendar year. The foundation will continue to give priority to agencies that seek innovative methods for addressing ongoing or emerging community needs. Collaborative solutions will receive higher consideration.

Capacity Building Grants:
High performance agencies understand the key components of organizational capacity and continually seek to strengthen each area. They include: governance and leadership, mission and strategy, program delivery, impact and accountability, strategic relationships, resource development and internal operations and management. Implicit in these core areas are human resource management, knowledge management, technology infrastructure, legal, fiscal and public accountability and collaboration.

The Foundation is committed to the long-term viability of many of the agencies it has historically supported. A limited number of capacity building grants will be awarded each year, with preference to agencies who have previously received competitive support. Providing targeted support for organizational development increases an agency’s ability to create, deliver, expand, evaluate and modify effective services. Grants may be extended for up to three years depending on the successful completion of annual project objectives. Agencies engaged in capacity building projects are Not eligible for simultaneous annual competitive grants.

Agencies applying for capacity building support are strongly encouraged to contact the Executive Director 4-6 weeks prior to submitting a proposal.