The Jackson Foundation

Founded in 1981 by business executive and philanthropist Andrew J. Asch Jr., the Jackson Foundation is a private family foundation that seeks to enrich community life in the metro Richmond region. Mr. Asch’s keen interest and civic involvement in education, social services, historic preservation, cultural arts, the environment and public policy issues are reflected in the broad portfolio of nonprofit agencies that have been supported by the foundation. The vision of the foundation is to be a perpetual resource for leveraging opportunities that will strengthen and enrich our increasingly diverse community. Innovative philanthropy that results in relevant, sustainable programs remains the focus of our mission along with initiatives to strengthen agencies through strategic capacity building grants.

Throughout its history, the foundation has been a leader in supporting start-up organizations that today provide ongoing educational enrichment for youth; economic development, housing and job-training in low-income neighborhoods; increased access to community-based cultural and performing arts training; and many safety-net and social welfare services for often neglected and vulnerable members of our community.